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Hello! ^_^ I'm La Pia, who can also be found around the Intranets as Tekli, Sessha, or Just Peachy. I write fan fiction, mainly for Tales of Symphonia, but I've also written Star Wars, Rurouni Kenshin, Harry Potter, and a bunch of little things for books I've read in school. I make icons, nearly exclusively Rurouni Kenshin. I draw, but you'll probably never see that on the basis that all of my art is in my math and Latin notebooks. I do write some original stuff, but usually only when I'm forced to for literary magazine or some other such thing. (My muse is not very kind.)

I like pretty much everything. Especially chocolate. I read a lot, not only manga, but actual books; I like music and play violin and piano; I love science and math, the more esoteric the better. I love languages above all else. I'm taking Latin and French at school, took Greek through CTY, and am attempting to teach myself Japanese with a book my lovely friend gave me for my birthday. I'm very much into correct grammar, and bad grammar tends to set off my OCD, but I promise not to be a Grammar Nazi. I am the Graveyard Nazi, though. Muwahahah.


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