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Oh, please remember me!
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Tuesday, June 26th, 2007
Jun 26th
01:17 PM
Books and China.
So I haven't updated in, um, twelve weeks, apparently! Wow, my powers of slacking off and general absent-mindedness impress me more every day. ^^ In any case, I'm posting now, so... um... yeah.

First topic of discussion:
This Friday, for three weeks, through nerd camp. I'm going to be taking a course on Chinese history and learning Mandarin, of which I know absolutely nothing, currently. ^^ It should be mad awesome, especially if they let us off the campus to go around Nanjing proper a bit. (We're staying at the Hopkins sister/satellite/whatever they call it school over there.) I'm really excited. It's just suddenly hitting me, though, that I have a crapload of work to do before I leave. O.O I'll have my laptop there, but I won't have much time (what with seven hours of classes a day and at least two of mandatory fun), and I think they're going to be instating limits on internet use so that we don't all hide away in our dorms and never see the light of day. Such are the risks of nerd camp!

...I must admit, I feel pretty awesome--I've only had my passport for a few months, and already I've been to Holland and China. :D Of course, I'm probably not going to use it again until I graduate, now that I've said that and jinxed myself, but, well... HOPE IS COOL. DON'T KNOCK HOPE.

Second topic of discussion:
Because they are coooooool. Just some random thoughts about the stuff I've been reading this year so far.
Moby DickCollapse )
The Looking Glass WarsCollapse )
The Perks of Being a WallflowerCollapse )
The ABC of ReadingCollapse )
LolitaCollapse )
The RoadCollapse )
Much Ado About NothingCollapse )
The Great GatsbyCollapse )
Everything Is IlluminatedCollapse )
Narrative JournalismCollapse )
VirgilCollapse )
CatullusCollapse )

...I'm missing a lot in there, I'm sure. But then again, if I rambled on any more, somebody was going to stab me, I know it. >>

I'M SORRY FLIST FOR NEGLECTING YOU... ;_; I don't know why I haven't ended up on LJ recently; this semester, time just seemed to be sucked down into a wormhole of doooom. Have a nice summer, y'all!

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Thursday, March 29th, 2007
Mar 29th
09:46 PM
Dudezorz, I just got back... from AMSTERDAM.


For my sixteenth birthday, instead of a party or gifts or anything, my dad took me to Holland, where I stayed with his friends (who live in a suburb a few miles outside of Amsterdam) for five days. It was AMAZING. I visited the Rijksmuseum, the Van Gogh Museum, saw two concerts at the Concertgebouw, ate Dutch pancakes with sprinkles and cheese, biked everywhere, and almost got hit by a bus, TWICE. HXC!

I'll probably end up putting pics on here soon, but I just wanted to post right now, because I'm still SO HAPPY, but I'm also seriously tired, because even though it's 10:00 PM, it feels like... oh my, I'm so tired I can't add in mod 12... do they call it mod with anything but division? no, I think you'd call it base... okay, it feels like 4 AM. And I did pull my first all-nighter ever on the plane ride over (transportation makes me absurdly tired, but I can never actually sleep on it--even though Dad used his magical people-charming skills to get us upgraded to first class on that way over <3), and I'm sort of crazy because I'm so tired.

Anyway, um, happy birthday to me, I hope everybody's having a great time wherever they are, and if you're on Virtual Hogwarts, by all means tell me so we can go RP and be happy.

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Thursday, January 4th, 2007
Jan 4th
09:52 PM
Sup! Sorry it's been so long. ^^ I dunno' what I've been doing really... and sorry Flist. I've been totally ignoring you. D:

Has anybody else been watching Ugly Betty? I NEVER watch TV, aside from Seinfeld reruns and the occasional Simpsons episode, so this is a huge departure from the norm for me, but I'm really into it. Betty is so cute--and her nephew, OMG. XD I love Mark and Amanda too, even though they're so mean. (Of course, I love Mark for his waistcoats. Every guy should own one! Actually, I'd like one too, to wear with a little plaid skirt and blouse. Of course, I don't have a plaid skirt or a blouse either. But.)(And I like Amanda because of how much she eats.) Tonight's flashback was really sweet, but sad. I was actually tearing up over a PURSE, WTF. XD (Speaking of that, my little Old Navy one is getting pretty beat up... ^_~)


So feel free to give ruthless concrit, because I'd really like to improve my writing, and as much as I love my English teacher this year, she's... not a harsh grader. Or much of a commenter. (Not so recently: PLEASE, I DID THIS PROJECT THE NIGHT BEFORE AND THE DAY IT WAS DUE. THE WRITING SOUNDS LIKE THE BLURB ON THE BOOK JACKET. WHY DID YOU GIVE ME A HUNDRED?)

Here goes!

The River LetheCollapse )

That be it. Yeah, the end is sappy as all get-out. But David is a happy family, lawl. Too vague? Too heavy-handed? Too anything? Feel free to comment and say so! Thank you for reading! ^_^

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Wednesday, October 11th, 2006
Oct 11th
01:27 AM
So basically, I have been away from the internet for... a very long time. I'm very sorry to everybody I haven't gotten a chance to talk to! I miss you all ;_; But for whatever reason, my schedule is completely out-of-control. Here we go:

07:00 - wake up. I'm actually lucky that I can get up this late, the public schools have to be at the bus stop by 6.
08:00 - get to school. Classes start at 8:15.
03:30 - get to field hockey practice. Classes end at 3:15.
05:30 - get out of practice. In theory. On a normal day, we let out at 5:45. On game days, we get back at any time between 6 and 10. Usually closer to 10. On Wednesdays, I have piano from 6 to 7.
(whenever I get home) - dinner. Piano/violin practice if I get the chance. Homework. "Doing nothing" quota, usually filled by lying on my bed playing Tetris/rereading Furuba because I'm too tired to do anything else.
Lather, rinse, repeat. --

For some reason, this takes up all my time. And I swear I'm not an overacheiver.

But on top of that, it's kind of been a crappy year so far in general for several reasons WHICH I WILL NOW NAME BECAUSE I NEED TO RANT.Collapse )

Anyway, I'm done with the emo and stress for now, so I should be going back to nice, normal, graphic and fic posts, starting with the Rurouni Kenshin wallpapers I promised a while back (and siriusfan's HP fic, heheheh ^^)

Hope y'all have a nice day :) And maybe I'll be able to catch up with everybody soon.

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Wednesday, September 6th, 2006
Sep 6th
09:37 PM
Hello, everybody. Yes, it has been an absurdly long time since I last posted. I'm very sorry. I've had CTY/trips to my grandmother's/power outages/Kingdom Hearts distracting me.

So this is the end of summer...

It's been a crazy week. John's knees are being really weird--he got the fluid drained from one of them, and he's been getting all sorts of tests on them. I really hope it's nothing serious--I doubt it is, half the guys I've ever met have had problems with their knees at some point in time and are just fine. But it would be really bad if it were serious--John's such an active guy, and if he couldn't play baseball or tennis or run or anything, he would go absolutely crazy. (Plus, I want to see his cross country meets or whatever! He's got mad speed XD)

The well almost died, too. Last Saturday, we lost water, which happens with fair regularity--every few months or so, I mean, we have an old pump, and it just loses pressure every once in a while. But repressurizing it didn't work, so the plumber said we'd need a new ($7000!) well that would take 5-6 weeks to build. Luckily he was wrong, but it was a pretty chaotic week (thank you Annie for letting me spend the night at your house! You saved me from the school showers! XD). But when the power went out when the hurricane passed by, it screwed up the pump AGAIN. So the plumber came back, and it's fixed, but Annie's convinced it's going to die again on us.

Field hockey's been great. :) Our coaches are so much better this year--they're doing drills and such that teach actual SKILLS, rather than making us run and shouting at us. All the girls on the team (and Zak, our lovely manager :D) are so nice, too. We lost our first scrimmage 3-0, but we would have been CRUSHED last year. It was totally worth the hour-something drive to Sidwell Friends, too--they had a TURF FIELD. Man, my school isn't anywhere near for poor people... but TURF? Damn rich people XD It was so nice and springy, and the ball just went FOREVER. (Which was nice, since I had to take all the free hits.)

Otakon was mad awesome. I cosplayed Saturday and Sunday as Tomoe--I'll have to get pictures up soon! I'm not sure my mom's gotten them developed yet. ^^ Ben was Naota from FLCL, Annie was Sakura, Zak was Ed, and John was a lozar who didn't cosplay. There wasn't much RuroKen cosplay--not nearly as much as Katsucon last year. I saw a few Kenshins, a Sano, and--this one blew my mind--a seriously awesome Hannya. O.O I actually resisted the temptation to buy a bunch of useless crap--ended up with some manga (FuruBa and Kare Kano), a DVD (Trigun, which I bought for $15 too much XD damn $5 DVD store, hiding the good anime behind Beyblade!), an adorable little notebook, and a Katamari hat. Which I fully intend to wear. In public. (When it gets colder, of course!)

CTY was absolutely amazing, of course. The class itself--Genetics--was pretty good. The labs were fun, if really messed up at times, but the teachers were a little dry during lectures. They were so nice, though, it made me feel bad when I wrote my evals. ;_; But all the people on my hall were so awesome--my roommate Laura, Dorothy, Denise (AZN pride XD)...

I don't think I really want to go back to school. I'd like to keep on being able to stay up late and sleep in late ("Early to bed and early to rise makes a man stupid and blind in the eyes!") Plus, I still need to finish my summer reading. ^^ Oh well, just half a book. "The Things They Carried"--it's okay. I wouldn't read it on my own, or recommend it to most people, but if you're into books about wars (Vietnam in particular) I would recommend it. Not bad, but not exceptional. "Life of Pi," on the other hand, absolutely blew my mind. I think everybody could stand to be a bit more like Pi--people get so caught up in the little differences between each other that they lose sight of everything that makes us the same. It's all so mindless.

On a lighter note, should be nice meeting the new teachers--music, math, history, English. All chicks. I'll miss Mr. Lanier--I wonder who's going to take over Quiz Bowl? Hopefully somebody cool *crosses fingers* And I really hope the new math teacher isn't boring. Seriously. <<; Because if she is, I'm going to fail. Okay, that's a lie, but it will not be pretty. ^^

Annie's birthday is tomorrow--I'm baking her cupcakes to bring to the registration picnic thang. :) I haven't gotten her an actual gift, yet, though--I'll have to get one whenever John and I get around to going to the mall and seeing Snakes on a Plane. I have no idea what to get her, though. ^^ Maybe another volume of Tsubasa? Ah, I'll just go and wait for inspiration. I have to mail Laura's (very belated!) 16th birthday gift, too... heheh ^^

**Due to various issues (coughbedtimecough), I wrote this post two days ago and wasn't able to post it until today. ^^ So it's kind of old... not really enough to make me feel like revising it. Sorry ^^

Anyway, enough rambling. (And this is why I should post more often--you have to scroll through less RL stuff to get to the goodies.) I have a bunch of icons for y'all. Tomorrow you'll get a few RuroKen wallpapers. Woohoo, should be interesting. :D Hope you like them. ^_^

21 - Rurouni Kenshin
12 - Tales of Symphonia
04 - Azumanga Daioh
05 - Fruits Basket
01 - Fullmetal Alchemist

Sneak preview! :o

Looks like my summer vacation is over...Collapse )

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Sunday, July 16th, 2006
Jul 16th
09:29 AM
I was going to make this a nice, real, entry, with actual stuff, like icons, but I ran out of time, sorry. ^^ Yesterday I had to pack, help out with cleaning the theatre out at school (which put me in a cleaning sort of mood that I unfortunately couldn't act on at home), bake my mom's birthday cake (it turned out awesome, Ben! I made the barn and the grass and everything, and it said "Mr. Moo-Cow says: Happy birthday moooooooooooooooooo-m!" It was adorable! ^_^), order my textbooks ($300! and I bought what I could used, didn't have to get history, and didn't order my English books, which I'm going to get at Borders), finish my costume, and beat KH2 for myself (the ending is so sweet!).

Anyway, I'm leaving for CTY aka Nerd Camp today in... prob'ly an hour. (And I still need to pack a bit, whoops. And eat cake. :D) Should be loads of fun! I'm taking Genetics, and my friend Jeff will be there, plus Molly, Aliza, Greg, and Ally from last year's Greek 2 (hoi hegemones!). Apparently they have a bunch of moronic new rules, tho'. (Oh well, won't be as bad as when they had to walk to the ASFC for lunch or send all their laundry to a laundromat.)

Siriusfan, I'm very sorry, but I still don't have your drabble. ^^ Feel free to smack me. In fact, please do, because otherwise I will procrastinate till the end of eternity.
Ilychluna, I had a very nice long response to your post that my computer decided to eat, sorry. :( But stay strong, things will get better as everybody calms down. (And your aunt is evil. Seriously. ><;)
Nebulia, ouch. Hope work gets better. ^^
Ben, try not to pine too much without me.

See y'all later, lolz. :D

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Sunday, July 9th, 2006
Jul 9th
09:43 PM
crazy schedules, sewing adventures, and tos fics.
Helloooooo people! Today I am going to do something novel... by posting all of the Colloyd 55themes fics I've been meaning to post for a month! And post them in the community I'm ACTUALLY SUPPOSED TO. Crazy little idea I had, but I think it just might work.

Anyway, real life. Next week is shaping up to be absolutely insane. Mornings 9-5 I'm helping teach music at Vacation Bible School. Luckily this year we have videos, so all I have to do is press play. Unlike last time I did it, where I had to run it myself (Mr. Sisson was on vacation, and Rita was at some other camp) and had no such helpful technology! Alas. Then 5:30 to 8 I have field hockey camp. I'm not quite in shape, so this should be an adventure. Hopefully I'll get back into it, then stay in it with all the walking at CTY--maybe my hall will be completely across the campus and up three flights of stairs from my classroom again! Unfortunately I missed out on the opportunity to walk all the way over to the ASFC for meals. That would have been a great calorie-burner. Annie, Elise, and Leah (?) will all be there, among other people (8th graders, Annie's cousin, total strangers, etc.). And Annie will get to practice being goalie, yay! ^_^ Luckily, my piano lesson got cancelled Tuesday afternoon on the basis that I haven't gotten a chance to practice (hehehe), but I still think I'm going to do an afternoon at the library, and I need to find blue fabric, a wig, and the time to finish my costume.

Yes! The costume! I'm going as Tomoe, from Rurouni Kenshin, to Otakon. ^_^ Today I managed to make the basic white kimono--all it needs is a little hemming and ironing. :) I actually did all of the sewing myself, mom just told me what the pattern meant. (OK, OK, I admit she helped me attach the sleeves. But that was just plain evil. >:|) I also got some really pretty red fabric to serve as the sash under the obi (gah, I know these all have technical names, but 'sash' is better than 'belt' and 'upper band,' like the pattern says, especially when there are also 'band,' 'band A,' and 'tie!' FTW, Mr. Pattern? I just need to get the blue fabric for the obi, shawl, and fake yukata. (It would look nicer with an entire one underneath, buuuut... I'm not doing a whole nother one. That's another 6 yards of fabric. ><;) And a wig. I was hoping Wal-Mart would have one leftover from Halloween or something.... all I need is long, straight black hair, and I can take it from there. I would just straighten my hair and fudge the bangs, except that I'm getting home Friday evening of Otakon. Da-yum. Plus, having the bangs would be a very nice, authentic touch. :)

Anyway, enough ranting! Tales of Symphonia fanfics, for 55themes!

Theme #44 - Twilight

The fireflies came out at twilight...Collapse )

What You Want to Say
Theme # 49 - Inner Thoughts

She is not sure how she feels about becoming an angel.Collapse )

Theme #27 - Adrenalin

Colette is off in her own little world again.Collapse )

Theme #23 - Midnight
(companion to Epiphanies)

He watches her at night, and he worries.Collapse )

Not Just
Theme #11 - Infatuation

I love Colette, and I always will.Collapse )

Theme #31 - Haunting

Colette has nightmares of when she lost her soul.Collapse )

Theme #4 - Church

Haven't your beliefs changed?Collapse )

Hope you like them, gotta' split! ^_^

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Thursday, June 15th, 2006
Jun 15th
08:18 PM
trips, things that make you go wow, and icons.
YO PPL. I am not dead. I am just... lazy... And stupid. Yeah, that pretty much covers it. That's why I haven't posted recently, and that's also why I'm going to have to do a huge icon dump today before I go on a week-and-a-hal trip to... dah dah dah dum... NEBRASKA! *fireworks* Yeah, I'm going with my school's ITS group for the Thespian Festival. Should be fun. Annie and I are going to be taking a lot of tech stuff (alas, Ben, if you were there, you would be too ;_;). It should be loads of fun! ^_^ I'm not going to have internet, though, for that time, as far as I know. (Sorry Siriusfan--your drabble's going to be a while. ;_;)

Something that made me go WOW: I WAS NOMINATED FOR AN RUROUNI KENSHIN READER'S CHOICE AWARD. Thank you, whoever did that. I am eternally grateful. :D It was Wanderer, for "KENSHIN AND KAORU ROMANCE/WAFF" category. Once again, I'm honored. :D

Anyway, VIDEO GAMES. Tales of Symphonia continues to rock my socks. I'm on another playthrough, one I'm leveling up obsessively on (so as to get the level 100 titles and further my attempt at 100% completion). I'm also doing the Kratos ending. Must stay strong! Must not give into temptation to watch adorable LloydxColette scene! (FACE IT ZAK, IT'S ADORABLE AND TOTALLY CANON. <3) But what I really want to rant about... KINGDOM HEARTS 2. Okay, so maybe I haven't played KH1 (whenever you're done with it, Annie, is fine :) ), but this thing is incredible. RoxasxAxel is OTP. (And RoxasxSora is growing on me too. :) I get emo whenever I see a scene where Sora sorta-kinda remembers Roxas. ;_;) I need to play more--I'm at the Aladdin level, and I've been watching John play his file whenever I get the chance (he usually plays it when I'm not awake--damn him and his youthful vigor! *shakes elderly fist*) He's in the Town that Never Was. That whole thing is making me VERYVERYSAD. And John just tells me to get a hold of myself whenever I start reacting to a scene. Gah, it's so good. ;_; I'm so bad at it though--and I'm playing on Beginner. XD Luckily I don't die too much, but I have no finesse in battle. ^^()

I know what you're thinking--enough with the ranting, get onto the icons! Actually, you probably followed a link here and didn't even read the ranting. Which is cool. :D (I'm sure I sound like a moron. ^^) So here's the iconage:

02 - Trigun
07 - Azumanga Daioh
18 - Tales of Symphonia
06 - Fullmetal Alchemist
13 - Rurouni Kenshin
09 - penguins


This, class, is what we call VARIETY...Collapse )

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Monday, May 22nd, 2006
May 22nd
07:22 PM
School trips, accomplishments, and icons.
I would just like to begin this post by saying that I have BEGUN MY HOMEWORK AND IT IS NOT EVEN EIGHT O'CLOCK. Seriously. I've already done French and Latin, begun clearing out my huge notebook so that I can actually find my notes to study for exams, and practiced piano. I would just like to congratulate myself on that. Applaud, people. Applaud.

I would also like to mention that I love this icon. With all of my soul. (Credit is in my profile.)

Assateague was... INCREDIBLE. Seriously. I want to go back there SO BADLY. There were so many stars out, and you could practically see all the way across the Atlantic, and in the morning, the sunrise was beautiful, and the beach was so quiet and still, and the little islands in the marsh were so interesting, and beach volleyball with jocks is actually REALLY fun (I knew they were nice people--take that Meredith! >:D), and the campfire was great, and I even loved all of the sand that got everywhere. I want to go back... but my family doesn't camp. At all. ;_; *emoemoemo* I think I might like to go back for my senior advance. I can't imagine anything more interesting than that, really, except that I think that's mainly for people who want to study bio in college. Maybe I could translate something for senior advance. Now THAT would be nice. Just stay at home, drinking tea, eating cookies, going online, and sometimes working on something I really enjoy. :D But that's a few years from now, so whatever.

Anyway, the stuff that people are interested in, hopefully: RuroKen icons! Twenty-five of them! (What a nice number: square, it divides very nicely into a hundred.) And here we go.


Quoth the icon: Listen to your heart, and not the voices in your headCollapse )

Have a nice day, people.

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Sunday, May 14th, 2006
May 14th
09:05 PM
School trips, and requested drabbles.
Next week we have Assateague. I don't mind camping so much... as in, overnight Girl Scout camping. I was even willing to go camping with my troop (until it got cancelled and I quit halfway through the year before it was rescheduled...) But this is four days of SAND, RAIN, and TENTS BLOWING DOWN. (There has only been one year where this hasn't happened. --;) Plus, I don't think I'll be able to be very clean when there's sand constantly blowing everywhere and we're doing science experiments in the water. Oh well. Camping is fine... but not... when it's this camping-y...

Anyway, I finally got around to writing the requested fics for Ilychluna and Ben.



For Ilychluna, who requested an angsty RuroKen drabble.

Kenshin wonders if Tomoe approves.Collapse )

And second,


for Ben, who wanted fluffy/humorous OsakaxChiyo and TomoxYomi. He's really not demanding at all.

I mean, she's so damn tiny!Collapse )

Anyway, I'll be gone from Tuesday to Friday. I hope I survive without a real sink for that long. ALAS, THE TRAGEDY OF HAVING OCD.

Have a nice day, people. Have a nice day.

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Wednesday, May 10th, 2006
May 10th
07:55 PM
Quizzes, and icons.
Well then. Hello everybody. I hope you are having a nice Wednesday. I hope it is warm, wherever you are. Warmth is good. Mmm... warmth.

In other news, I whored my journal out in order to gain more icon space, and I haven't looked back.

Anyway, today, for your (somewhat dubious) viewing pleasure, I have QUIZZES. And icons. But since I'm a total quiz-addict, the quizzes are going first.

Your Extroversion Profile:
Cheerfulness: Very High
Excitement Seeking: Medium
Friendliness: Medium
Sociability: Medium
Activity Level: Low
Assertiveness: Very Low

...yep, that sounds about right. ^^ Though my activity level I would think would be higher. Maybe they don't mean anything relating to school...

Your Famous Last Words Will Be:

"Nice doggy."

Hahahah. Hah. Hah.

Anyway, the stuff you might actually care about... Rurouni Kenshin icons! Seventeen this time, under the cut.


In this lovely icon made by Ben, we have Ed in a waistcoat. I love Ed. I love waistcoats. Do the math.Collapse )

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Wednesday, May 3rd, 2006
May 3rd
06:45 PM
Fanfic challenges, and Tales of Symphonia ficcage.
I got this from the lovely SiriusFan13.

The first 10 people to comment on this post get to request a drabble (real drabble: 100 words exactly) on a subject or character of their choosing from me. In return, they have to post this in their journal. Post all fandoms you're willing to write for.

I am willing to write for:
Tales of Symphonia (I would seriously recommend choosing this, on the basis that my fics for it aren't half bad)
Rurouni Kenshin
Star Wars
Harry Potter (caveat emptor, I haven't read the books in ages)
Azumanga Daioh
A bunch of other books and movies (feel free to see if I can, you can always ask for another ^^)

Heheh, I suppose I don't have to worry about getting something I can't do, on the basis that this post is going to get zero traffic. XD

Anyway, Tales of Symphonia fics: three more for the 55themes challenge.

Theme #34: Rituals

Theme #45: Memories

Theme #50: Computers

Fear the cut. Fear it.Collapse )

Edit: For stupidity.

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Sunday, April 30th, 2006
Apr 30th
08:18 PM
History essays, and icons.
I really should be working on my history essay due tomorrow. I really, really should. But the topic is completely incomprehensible. And although my class spent the entire period on Friday questioning her to try to clarify what she meant, all we got were irrelevant ramblings. Gyah. And she only gave us a weekend. Dad says that one day, I'll look back, and realize that she's just like the average college professor. But in the meantime, I plan to procrastinate.

Iconage! 10 RuroKen. I'm not sure how I feel about these, but, here we go.


Follow the yellow-brick cut... WTF?Collapse )

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Thursday, April 27th, 2006
Apr 27th
05:20 PM
Chocolate, sleepiness, and Tales of Symphonia fanfic
I just had chocolate pudding. It was instant, so it wasn't warm, but it was still quite good. ^_^ I had ice cream right before it, too, hahah, so I should be all sugared up, but I'm not. Instead, I am rather sleepy. I tried to fall asleep in history class, but the desk wouldn't let me. (Plus, I saw Jess and Kandra laughing at me. Hahah.) I sort of wish I could have taken a day off like Ben and Annie did, but at this point, I think I can get through a year without missing a day of school. I'm a girl with a mission. :D

Anyway, the good stuff: Tales of Symphonia fanfic, specifically, COLLOYD. Come on, everybody loves Colloyd. (Except the people who hate Colette. Which is a sadly large number. :( For you people, there is a teensy bit of ZelosxSheena in the second.) I signed up for LloydxColette at the 55themes comm. I have to write 55 ficlets within 2 months. This is good for me--I usually don't feel any pressure to write, and having the list of themes makes it easier to get inspiration. :) Anyway, the first two!

Theme #35: Non-stop fighting
Title: Oblivious
(mentioned ZelosxSheena)


Theme #55: Suicide
Title: Juliet
(pre-game angst)

The ficcage.Collapse )

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Saturday, April 22nd, 2006
Apr 22nd
02:55 PM
Hello, and icons.
Well then... hello! ^_^ I'm La Pia, and this is is my journal. I hope you enjoy it.

Anyway, the good stuff... icons. I've made a LOT of them in the past month or so, ever since I got interested in them. The following reflect a pretty wide range of comfort with Photoshop (Elements ^^), so please don't hold the bad ones against me. They're all for Rurouni Kenshin; credits are in my profile.


The rest of the bunch.Collapse )

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